Therapies still in session at Community Care Services, virtually

If you already have depression or anxiety, you know times like these are certainly putting additional strain on your mental health.

Jill Blackson, the deputy director at Community Care Services, a nonprofit providing counseling for mental health and substance, says the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown can lead to increased anxiety, isolation, domestic violence, substance abuse and a whole host of issues.

The nonprofit is now using TeleHealth to stay connected with the patients, something Blackson says they are all very grateful for.

“If you have struggled with your mental health this could really set you back; this could put you in a worse place. And that's why it is vitally important to let people know we’re here, we’re available and we can still see you - and literally “see you.””

TeleHealth allows them to still “see” each other, but at a safe distance of course.

“We can have our clients at home and our staff at home as well and they can still do a therapy session, a psychiatric session,” Blackson saya.

And it’s a session that can make a real difference for so many people stuck at home.

“A lot of people don't have a whole lot of family and they were isolated anyway, and so to be able to still feel connected especially in times of stress is huge,” Blackson said.

Therapists say whether or not your reach out, it's important right now to check-in with yourself during this trying time. Establish a routine, and get outside and go for a walk.

“Moving your body and getting outside can help your mood immensely, for sure,” Blackson says.

It’s something we'll all need as we try to stay positive during these difficult times.

“We don't know how this looks going forward but we'll be okay and there is help out there if you feel that you need it at any point,” Blackson says.

If you’d like information about Community Care Services, click here or call (313) 389-7500.