Therapy dog stolen from teen with special needs dragged by car in Farmington Hills

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Police in Farmington Hills are on the lookout for some dog thieves after two dogs were stolen from a teen with special needs Wednesday night. One was saved after being dragged nearly 50 feet by a car, but the second is still missing. 

The 17-year-old was walking his small therapy dogs on Lochmoor near Middlebelt and 14 Mile when four people inside a Chevy Aveo stopped to talk to Sergey Olsen about his pets. 

They asked to pet his dogs, got out and did. It seemed routine and friendly -- until they grabbed the dogs and shut the doors to the car. 

As the car began to drive off, Sergey grabbed onto the seatbelt inside and reached in for one of the dogs and was dragged 50 to 100 feet in the process. The car eventually took off with one of his dogs still inside. 

Police are looking for a silver Aveo. The missing dog is a Morkie, which is a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie.

The family called 911 and police searched the area. The family is desperate to get the pet back.

"The car stopped by me, talking about what kind of dog I had because they had never seen a dog like that," Sergey said. "We talked for a while, one person gets out and pets the dogs then gets back in. But then they opened the doors to keep petting the dogs."

"He was drug at least 50 to100 feet and he is banged up," said his mother, Elizabeth Olsen. "The seatbelt broke as he was trying to hang on. He managed to get one of the dogs back, but they still have our little Hennessey. He is only five pounds and he is our special friend for Sergey. They are his therapy dogs and his best friends."

Sergey's mother told FOX 2 that he was going through a bout of depression from bullying at school. When he was given the dogs a year ago, they saw the change instantly. His mother worries about a regression and says that he is blaming himself. 

Anyone with information should contact Farmington Hills police at 248-871-2600.