Thief steals teen's minibike, only mode of transportation

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What a suspect stole was more than just a motorized bike.

It was how a teen made a living for himself, his family and his transportation to school.

"I'm going to have to start working more," Dylan McConnell said. "And I'm going to have to find rides to and from school."

McConnell, 15, woke up to find his Coleman 2000 bike gone from his backyard.

"I asked my mom did you take my bike in my room or something," he said. "I walk in my room, she's like, no, I'm like somebody stole my bike."

"When you're a parent and you hear your child call your name and you can just tell when something's wrong," said Theresa Carter, his mother. "I didn't believe it."

The thief may have not noticed the family had surveillance cameras which captured him in the act just a little after 5 a.m. It happened on Rosemont Avenue near McNichols.

"I know what he did to get it, he deserved it," Carter said. "He went to school, he got good grades, he worked all year."

McConnell took the $500 Christmas present Dylan's parents had to save up for, which was a reward for doing so much.

"I was hurt. I felt bad for my son because I know what he's trying to do," Carter said. "It would be different if he wasn't productive. Because we've got so many kids out here that are not productive."

The Renaissance High School sophomore also just started a T-shirt printing business he runs out of his home, and although the theft of his bike may not seem like much, it is putting his ideas and dreams on hold, while he starts again from square one.

"It was something I really took value of and I rode it every day," he said. "I hope they find him. That was hard work that he just took."

The man believed to be the thief is black with a light complexion with a little bit of facial hair, and the bike has a different color chain on either side. If you recognize either, give Detroit police a call.

Neighbors believe they have spotted the same man wondering around in the last three days, always dressed in a hoodie, which they found in this heat, so although nothing else missing yet, everyone around here is paying closer attention.