Thieves break in, steal from Keno machine at Dooley's

An investigation is underway in Macomb County after two thieves broke into a Dooley's bar overnight.

They managed to get away with money from a Keno machine that was full from the weekend.

"(Police) came here right away. We called them they showed up and the guys took off," said Dooley's General Manager Mark Giles.

It didn't take Roseville police long to start investigating the first break in at Dooley's on Gratiot in some 26 years.

They were right across the street when the two suspects pulled up just before 5 a.m.

But a bar employee was even closer. She was inside when she spotted their car in the parking lot and realized they were likely up to no good.

"Our cleaning lady was here right when she saw them come to side door and right before they blew it out, she went right out the back," Giles said.

The entire crime, which lasted roughly a minute, was caught on surveillance camera.

Because the two suspects were wearing grey hoodies at the time, it was hard to get a good look at their faces.

But you could certainly see every move they made with a crow bar and sledge hammer.

"We've had a lot of hits with Keno in these past couple weeks, so they probably knew what they were doing. Came in, smashed out the side door and broke open the Keno machine and took everything," Giles said.

The suspects quickly cleaned out the machine's money tray and split, leaving behind a damaged door, a bunch of busted glass and video of them in the act.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (586) 777-6700.