Thieves steal family dog in Southfield apartment break-in

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A Southfield family's apartment was burglarized with their beloved dog stolen.

It wasn't the first time their home was broken into.

"We were crying hysterically and my mom was just in disbelief because it was the second time that happened," said the family's daughter.

The 17-year-old doesn't want her face shown because she's scared they might come back to their apartment off Greenfield in the Cambridge Square Complex. 

"We were a little uncomfortable, we didn't want to sleep or anything because they basically broke the lock on the door," she said.

 The first incident was around Thanksgiving, the thieves took jewelry and cell phones then. For Christmas the teen's mom bought her two daughters this American Bulldog named Gucci.

"My kids felt unsafe at that point so I bought my kids a dog," her mom said.

But in April, someone else broke in stealing their beloved 7-month-old pup. You can see the thief on security cameras giving the dog a treat then petting the dog - before snatching him up.

"Even with the bad guy, when the bad guy put him on the leash, because it was like hey I'm going for a walk," the mother said.

They tell us Gucci was sick when he was taken from their apartment which has them wondering and worrying where he is.

"It was like we got that to feel safe and then again they took the only thing that we felt protected us," the daughter said.

The Southfield Police Department are handling this case. Investigators and this family are asking that Gucci be returned unharmed. 

"We really don't care about the material things, they can be replaced," the daughter said. "The dog cannot."