Third person robbed at gunpoint near Wayne State's campus Thursday night

From seemingly run-of-the-mill purse snatchings to a duo of armed robberies near Wayne State's campus, a recent bout of strongarmed crimes have gained the attention of much of the student body these past few days.

While maybe not surprising, but certainly alarming, a third armed robbery similar to the first two happened Thursday night in the same vicinity.

"It's just crazy that they didn't catch them yet," said one student.

Wayne State police said a 38-year-old man was pistol-whipped around midnight at Second Avenue and Brainard Street on Thursday. The man had gotten off the bus and was walking down the street when a black sedan pulled up and two men wearing ski masks robbed him at gunpoint. The suspects appear to be getting more aggressive as they hit the man with the handgun.

The crime emulates similar incidents on Wednesday when two men exited a dark-colored sedan and robbed a 38-year-old researcher and a 20-year-old student at gunpoint within minutes of each other. The news has spread far enough among people venturing around downtown that some are redirecting their routes home.

"I got an uber last night which is crazy because if they got robbed around that same time I would have been walking, that's crazy that I avoided that," said Jada White.

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And with those cautionary trips comes some precautionary tips.

"Just stay in crowded places, just be aware," said Tania Karam.

"It's not really on campus, so if you don't' really walk out, you're fine," said Kristina Petrus.

"Around here, along this street, it's pretty well lit so I'd just be careful," said Kyle Chung. "Sometimes people at night they walk in with earbuds in. It's something I wouldn't do."

Wayne State Police are asking any with information on these two individuals to give them a call.