This 1940's Detroit post office was converted into an adorable shop that sells custom-made wares

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It's a hidden gem on Detroit's east side on Kercheval and Marlborough Streets. Formerly a post office, it's now a place for local artists to shine.

"If you don't know we're here, we're kind of a destination," said Amber Barker, the Post workshop coordinator. "We're on the east east side of Detroit." 

Appropriately named Post, it opened in 2017. The new shop sits inside a 1940 U.S. post office in the Jefferson Chalmers area.

"We've kept the majority of the building itself original. We've added some false walls and cabinetry," said Barker. 

The interior of the shop is as unique as the exterior is classic. It goes as far down as the products lining the shelves. The candles have scents like Faygo Red Pop and Michigan maple - how much more Detroit can you get?

Barker says the spot plays host to and represents more than 100 different artists, almost all from Michigan and 90 percent of them women.

"The frames, the trays, the candleholders, those are all things that we have made and we only use ethically-sourced reclaimed wood from Detroit neighborhoods," Barker said.  

"Because they are all made here, we are able to customize them," said Barker.

On Saturday and Sunday the shop is planning to spill into the streets for the Textile Takeover Outdoor Craft Fair. They'll play host to more than 50 local artists.

"Not only are we able to activate this space for the rest of the community here, but we're able to bring people who might never have considered coming over here and just show them that there is wonderful growth here," said Barker. 

Barker says those who attend can also try out different types of arts and crafts... there will even be a clothing swap... and of course. food and drinks - and live music to rock the block.

"It really is magical and I think when people come here they see that and wanna be a part of it," said Barker.