Thousands pay respects to family killed in I-75 crash by wrong-way driver

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Thousands came to the Islamic Center of America to pay their respects to the Abbas family on Monday.

A spokesperson said the family is still in shock after an early Sunday crash killed a family of five near Lexington, Kentucky on I-75 by a wrong way driver.

"There is nothing anyone can possibly say because what they want is for this to not be true,” said Rana Elmir the family spokesperson. "And none of us can give that to them. There are no words that will take this away. "

But that isn't stopping the greater Dearborn community from trying. For hours there was an endless stream of mourners for Sam Abbas, his wife Rima, and their children, 14-year-old Ali, 13-year-old Isabella and 7-year-old Giselle.

"They were loving parents of AJ, Izzy, and Giselle," said Elmir. "Those kids were their world."

They were all killed on their way home to Northville on a family vacation. The family said a cruel twist of fate intervened at the last moment. 

"Sam and Rima postponed their vacation and ultimately would have been coming back Saturday night instead of Sunday night," Elmir said. "But this is where we are at."

At 2:30 Sunday morning the family was driving north when a pickup driven by Joey Bailey collided with them. Security video from a Lexington gas station allegedly shows Bailey's truck entering the exit ramp and driving six miles in the wrong direction before the crash.

All five and Bailey died instantly. Police believe Bailey was under the influence, but toxicology results won't be available for another three to six weeks. 

"This is a message from the family," Elmir said. "That we must eradicate the epidemic of drinking and driving in this country."

They are asking those who would like to donate to Mothers Against Drunk Driving HERE.