Three quick ways to save on your air conditioning bill this summer

With temperatures hitting 90 for the second straight day this May, your air conditioner is likely getting an early workout this spring. While cooler temperatures are on the way, this is the prime time to get your unit into peak shape.

With this heat, we're concerned about other people and pets. But there's also the need to stay comfortable inside your own home and that's where your air conditioning unit comes in. 

Dave Upton at Oasis Heating and Cooling gave us the first class tour of what to do this spring.

Hose off the AC Unit

The first thing, he said, is to water your unit. Yes, just like your plants out front, give your AC condenser a blast of water to clean the dirt, pollen, and reduce overheating.

"Once it gets up in the 90 degrees, it gets really, really hard on the equipment. So I can’t explain enough to hose your unit off as much as possible," Upton said.

He said he and his team have worked nearly nonstop the past couple of days and are either cleaning or replacing units. If you're in need of some AC servicing, be patient.

"Be very patient with us. We will try to get to everybody we can. All the heating and cooling companies are inundated with calls coming especially after this weekend," Upton said.

Change out your air filter

Tuesday's temperatures are a taste of what's to come this summer and you should be running your unit 12 to 16 hours per day, on average, this summer. That's why this is all so important.

But, just like the outside, the inside needs love too. Upton said to change your filter regularly.

"It’s just like a vehicle. Routine maintenance is a must — especially equipment like this. It gets really hard in the summer," he said.

Let the AC Unit breathe

One more tip, keep your shrubs and hedges roughly 14 inches away from the unit so it doesn't block airflow from the top and sides.

Just like your car, your air conditioning needs regular maintenance and doing these three things can help you keep cool, save on buying a new unit, and keep the AC repair guys away.

When you hose it off, switch off the air conditioning first. Then use the jet setting on your hose - anything harder could cause some major problems to your condenser.