Tires, gas tanks left in pile in Detroit neighborhood

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As if Detroit's blight problem wasn't bad enough, for nearly three weeks, some Detroit residents have had to stare at a pile of gas tanks and tires.

The pile was nearly six feet high when it was dumped in an alley behind Sorrento. One neighbor said she saw two men in a truck dump the materials but they got away before she could get their license plate information.

"They took off when they pulled out and I said oh my goodness look what they left," the neighbor said.

Residents say in addition to this pile being an eyesore, it's also a safety hazard they don't want near their homes

"It's plenty of gas in those tanks if a kid come by and played with a match this whole thing would probably explode,"

Residents say they called the city for help but the pile stayed put.

"The fire department been here I've been calling city trying to get somebody but can't get nobody,"

So they called Fox 2 problem solvers for help. We contacted the city and they sent crews out to take care of the illegal dumping. The city also contacted General Motors to investigate the serial numbers on the gas tanks

City officials say when residents have concerns about issues in their neighborhood  they should contact their district manager.