Toddler's medical scare saves family as home explodes

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A Detroit family raced to the hospital Friday and believed their child had swallowed a penny. The medical scare was unsettling, but it may have saved their lives.

It started Friday evening. Troy Waldron and his wife were at their home on Princeton Street on Detroit's west side when their daughter wouldn't stop coughing.

"She said 'Troy we can't play around with this got to take him to Children's Hospital'." Troy Waldron said.

So they loaded up and raced off to get their 16-month-old boy checked out. As they were dealing with that emergency, his wife would soon learn about another one when they started getting frantic calls from neighbors: their home had caught fire and exploded.

At the hospital, they learned the toddler had pneumonia and is getting the treatment needed. But that nagging cough likely saved their lives because nobody was home when it caught fire.

When they returned home, the fire had taken over the house for the family of six and damaged two neighbors' homes as well. Waldron says it was a blessing their was an emergency and no one was home.

"I know you can replace houses but you can't replace lives. Still blessed even though we lost everything in the house," Waldron said.

Right now the family is staying in a local hotel but a GoFundMe account has been set up to help them get back on their feet.

The family says the cause of the fire is still being investigated and they doubt they will ever be able to call this house home again.

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