Toilets, sinks and trash: Macomb Co Habitat ReStore gets dumped on

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The Macomb County Habitat for Humanity says it is being dumped on - with trash being left outside its resale shop.

"It could be mattresses, toilets, anything you can think of," said Helen Hicks, president and CEO.

The Macomb County Habitat for Humanity's ReStore is facing a blight issue, forced on them by people who dump their unwanted items on the store's property - despite a no dumping sign. 

"In the morning when staff comes in, they see huge pile of product that people dump,” Hicks said. "We're spending $500 on a dumpster three times a week and probably two of those dumpsters, are what we find in the mornings when we arrive." 

The eyesore got the attention of township officials and neighbors in their Shelby Township community. The township has now required the nonprofit to build a fence. 

"We're asking you to put up 6-foot vinyl fence and after researching, it is about a $20,000 investment," Hicks said.

One company offered a $3,000 discount. But Helen Hicks says they don't even have that much money.

"Every single penny that we make in a day here, goes to building or renovating a house, for a person working really hard to get that house," Hicks said.

The ReStore is a non-profit retail resale shop for home goods open to the public. Now they're asking for the community to help them so they can continue helping others.

"If you have a company that can donate the whole thing to us, I am willing to put up a sign," Hicks said. "If folks want to go to our website, at and they would like to make a donation - we do have a matching program, that would be great." 

As they work to find necessary funding, Hicks believes they have to educate the community to place their unwanted goods elsewhere.