Tragic accident claims life of 21-year-old college student

An investigation is underway into a tragic accident that left a 21-year-old college student dead. 

Investigators say around 4 p.m. Thursday, a 34-year-old man in a Dodge Ram pick-up crossed the line near Matilda and Schoenherr in Warren.

It's still unclear what led to the accident, but investigators say Kyle Alexander McCormick, who was driving a silver Chevy Cavalier, had come to a rest at a traffic signal when the pickup truck barreled into him from behind.

Police say the vehicle was pushed into the pathway of two other vehicles and the impact of the collision caused Alexander's vehicle to catch fire.

"Ended up breaking window and tried pulling him out at that time there was a a couple of other bystanders helping," said Greg Isles. "We did get him out ... he was not breathing. we started CPR and he began to cough for a second and then he stopped breathing again."

Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said he may have survived if he was only rear ended and that was it but, but when he was hit by the other vehicles and the vehicle caught on fire -- there was no chance.

Police say no one else was injured in the incident, but investigators say standard procedures were followed and the pickup driver was given a preliminary breathalyzer test.

Dwyer said it came back as 0, so he was arrested and brought to the Warren Police Department. They obtained a warrant and there was a blood draw. Police say the pickup driver was released, which is protocol, as they wait for the results of the blood test.

"He could be charged anywhere from vehicular manslaughter ... down to reckless driving causing death," Dwyer said.
Officials say they had to take steps to locate and notify the victim's mom who was not in metro Detroit at the time. Police say Alexander's mom was in the UP to take his sister to college when she learned of the tragedy.

"The mother is totally in shock and very, very despondent," Dwyer said.

This grieving mother says she wants her son to be remembered as a loving person who held down a job, was pursuing his college degree and was an Eagle Scout.