Travel insurance recommended as a coronavirus safety net

Fear of Coronavirus has many rethinking plans for spring break traveling.
"My daughter is going to Florida in a couple of weeks and she hasn't canceled," said Roslyn Horner. "I wish she would. Because the airplanes are all infected, you know what I'm saying? You don't know where the airplanes are coming from."

Concerns like that are growing as the U.S. State Department this week advised U.S. citizens to not travel by cruise ship - because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an increased risk of being infected with the coronavirus on cruises.

The State Department also issued a Do Not Travel Advisory for several countries including Iran and China.

The Better Business Bureau recommends travel insurance as a safety net.
"Travel insurance is the biggest thing we can recommend," said Ashley Gibbard, Better Business Bureau, eastern Michigan. "Travel insurance covers many different things. Each policy will be different but it should cover in terms of cancellation."

If you booked your trip months ago and have now decided to cancel because of coronavirus but did not get travel insurance, don't consider it a loss - pick up the phone and start asking questions.

"They may have adjusted police because of coronavirus," Gibbard said.
If you do not get travel insurance when booking your trip and you used a credit card to book your trip, check with the credit card company to see what they can provide 

"It will differ from provider to provider but yes, they have insurance or coverage on you," Gibbard said.

Ashley Gibbard, Better Business Bureau, Eastern Michigan