Trey Songz rejects plea for charges of assaulting officer, trashing stage at concert

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Trey Songz allegedly punched a police officer and trashed the stage at a Joe Louis Arena performance late last year.

Prosecutors were hoping he would cut a deal - but his attorney says the R&B star would rather go to trial. Entertainer Tremaine Neverson also known as Trey Songz in court Friday appearing via video from Los Angeles.

Neverson refusing to accept a plea deal on charges stemming from a concert appearance in Detroit last December.

"There's ongoing discovery and we're not certain at this point that what they are asking our client to plead guilty to is really acceptable," said Gabi Silver, Neverson's attorney. "In terms of what the evidence will bear out if the matter goes to trial."

It's alleged that Neverson threw an object, hitting someone in the head during the show and when an officer went to arrest him; Neverson allegedly hit the officer after refusing to leave the stage.

"The evidence may suggest that the accusations may not be true," said Charles Longstreet, another of Neverson's attorneys.

The prosecution in court Friday outlined the terms of the plea deal - that were rejected.

"The offer for Mr. Neverson is to reduce Count 1 from resisting and obstructing a police officer causing injury to attempt to resisting - that's a one-year misdemeanor along with count of aggravated assault that's a one-year misdemeanor sentence to two years’ probation," said Charles Coyle, assistant Wayne County prosecutor.

But court is not the only thing Trey Songz is working on. His representatives say he's busy putting the final touches on his latest music release.

Attorneys for Trey Songz say despite their client's busy entertainment schedule, they will go as long as they have to, to clear their client's name.

"We're in no rush, no rush for justice," Longstreet said.

Neverson's next court date is set for March 17.  The terms of the plea deal can still be accepted until that time but Neverson's attorneys say they plan to move forward.

"We're going to set a final resolution date called final conference and we're going to set this matter for trial as well," Longstreet said, "And continue negotiations with the Wayne County Prosecutors Office."