Tribute To Our Troops

For the 11th year in a row, FOX 2 is proud to present a 'Tribute To Our Troops.'

The goal of our program is to salute service members from Michigan. We profile veterans of several wars and show you sacrifices made in order to protect our freedoms.

VIDEO: Watch the 30-minute presentation of 'Tribute to our Troops' in the video above.

Highlights from this year's program include:

 -- A hero from Hastings who has defied the odds, living a life doctors never thought was possible.

 -- A Detroit Marine honored posthumously with a Bronze Star nearly three years after he was killed and the legacy he leaves for the son he never met.

 -- A group of Michigan men, known as The 90s Club, who were sent across the world to fight the Nazis.

 -- Taking a leap of faith with The Golden Knights 

 -- A Korean War Veteran who not only helped heal the wounds of war, but also helped treat the enemy 

 -- The story of a retired Army Captain who suffered third-degree burns when he was hit by an IED 

This year's program also salutes the heroes who walk among us. You never know what the person next to you at the post office has lived through. Veterans don't always dress in uniform. Sometimes they're the people you'd least likely suspect.

As another way to honor our troops who have served or are currently serving, we've created a 'Tribute to the Troops" photo gallery. You can show us your Veterans Day photos on the Fox 2 Facebook Page or tweet them to us @fox2news.