Trio spray paints f--- the police in Orion on video, arrested one day later

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It's certainly not art in the park, but Monday night, Orion Township officials noticed that some of the signs and bridges on the Paint Creek Trail received an unwanted touch-up.

"These young people thought it would be fun to paint some can't say on TV," said Chris Barnett, Orion Township supervisor.

Cameras installed on the Paint Creek Trail captured a lot.

"You see the sign with the derogatory saying. On the next photo you see this family walking away with the new body part painted on the sign," Barnett said.

Officials are certain they have video proof of the suspects.

"The sign is clean and now it's ironically got, you know, the same color paint cans," said Barnett while watching the video.

Amazingly, a simple call for help posting on the township's website generated over 600,000 responses. And that's not all.

"We were able to bring the people responsible in less than 24 hours."

The charge will likely be malicious destruction of property. Jail is possible, but the kids may have to clean the park.

"Personally, I don't want to see these kids' lives wrecked. But it cost thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to make our parks safe, and I want this to stop," said Barnett.

There is no timetable when the charges will be filed, and, of course they will get to explain their art so to speak, in court.