Triple-A has tips for our cars during the extreme cold

These brutally cold conditions can cause big problems for our vehicles. Some cars won't start when it gets too cold and that's not the only problem.  Triple-A issued a statewide Arctic Air Advisory with several tips to keep your vehicle running properly in the cold.

One suggestion to keep your doors from freezing shut is to take a trash bag and put it between the door and the frame.

When temperatures drop, Triple-A says its important to be ready.

Other tips from Triple-A include testing your battery charging system, keeping your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freezing, and using windshield washer fluid with a winter solvent.

"Make sure your fluids are up and hopefully by now you have already checked your antifreeze and the windshield washer fluid, don't use the mixture that you use in the summertime," said Gary Bubar, Triple-A Michigan. "Use something that won't freeze in these cold temperatures."