Troy college student in court for killing aunt with barbell

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Charges have been filed against a man after the death of his aunt in Troy. Nayir Masrur is accused of beating the woman to death with a 15-pound barbell. Masrur, 20, of Troy, was arraigned on one count of first-degree murder Wednesday.

"You did deliberately with intent to kill, and with premeditation, kill and murder Rubab Huq," said the prosecutor, reading the charges.

Troy police say Monday afternoon officers were called out to a home on Shoreline Drive not long after receiving a 911 call from another family member saying Masrur was in an agitated state. Police then arrived to find Masrur's aunt Dr. Rubab Huq, a mother of two, dead on the basement floor.

Masrur ran from police and jumped from a two-story window. Troy police later arrested him in a marshy area near the home.

Family friends tell FOX 2 they are in disbelief, calling Dr. Huq, who they say specialized in emergency medicine, a beloved member of the community.

Masrur's defense attorney says Wednesday that his large family stands behind him.

"His mother and father are supportive of him," said Paul Stablein, a defense attorney. "He has a community that is concerned for him."

His attorney added that the 20-year-old is in his third year at the University of Michigan, studying economics and doing well. But now Masrur was denied bond and faces life in prison.

Stablein said he expects to request a competency exam.