Troy Police investigate 'suspicious death', say little else

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Police in Troy swarm an apartment complex when a dead body is found inside. Authorities still haven't said much about it - only to say the death was suspicious. Now, neighbors want answers but they're not getting them.

Residents of the Somerset Apartments in Troy say they knew something was not right when a number of police cars converged on their complex

"I'm alarmed that something has happened here," one neighbor said. "Even though I've been told not to worry the police have been present here now since Monday late in the afternoon through today then night and since end of last week as well."

The investigation started when police say they were called to an apartment on Golfview just after 5 p.m. Monday. Almost 24 hours later, police still haven't said much about it.

"It's what we would classify as a suspicious death and we are waiting on the autopsy results before we have confirmation on what may have happened here," Capt. Robert Redmond said.

As the investigation continues, questions remain about who was found inside the apartment and what led up to their final moments. Redmond said they still haven't talked to the deceased person's family. Tuesday afternoon, evidence techs were on scene and police were spotted looking through a number of bushes at the complex

"We have not made notification to next of kin therefore not a lot we can talk about at this point," Redmond said. "I'm not going to comment on what we're searching for. We are just trying to make sure we do a thorough investigation."

Redmond did say that the apartment where the victim died has not been a hotbed for police activity before. Staff at the apartment complex handed out a letter informing residents about the police investigation. Some residents say despite the police activity, they believe everything is safe.

"I feel most of the people who live here are middle class. I would not expect illicit activity," Alexander Common said.

Police say they will have a better idea about how to move forward in this investigation once the medical examiner's testing is complete.