Trump supporters peacefully protest outside Clinton rally at Wayne State

Donald Trump supporters in front of Wayne State University on Monday hoped to get their message out as Hillary Clinton held a rally inside.

"He's going to bring back jobs because he's a business man and he knows how to create jobs. He understands government doesn't create jobs," said supporter Roseanne Ponkowski.

On the corner of the Lodge and Warren was a big Trump mask, as well as a man named Richard George dressed in prison stripes and a Clinton mask, with a sign that says Clinton for Prison.

"We're sick of it. We were sick of it when we had to deal with her husband and all the scandals nonstop while he was in office. The whole country got tired of it and here she wants to come back again and bring all these scandals back," George said.

Robert Donovic is a big Trump supporter but recognizes America is incredibly divided when it comes to the two candidates.

"You give yourself justification because you happen to believe that your political opinion is better than somebody else's? No. And that's on both sides of the aisle," he said.

Trump supporter Helen Szavo says she believes in the candidate.

"He could put the United States back to that point where we could be proud again of who we are over here," she said.

But what about those lewd comments Trump made about women caught on tape 10 years ago?

"I don't think it's defensible. I think it's terrible but at the same point, words are a lot different than actions," Ponkowski said.