Trump's visit to Ypsilanti; former US Attorney Barbara McQuade

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Part 1: Barbara McQuade

Just days after the Trump administration forced her to resign, the former US Attorney Barbara McQuade, is here to talk about her legacy and her plans for the future.

Huel Perkins and Charlie Langton interview McQuade 1-on-1 about her work prosecuting everything from Kwame Kilpatrick to the underwear bomber.

Part 2: Trump's visit to Ypsilanti

President Donald Trump's visit to metro Detroit this week is the focus of the second part.

He's promising to roll back regulations if the Big Three promise to create more jobs. His mantra - "Buy American, hire American."

On the panel:

Brian Pannebecker, Ford plant worker and former union member

Paul Eisenstein, auto industry reporter for NPR and

Joann Muller, auto industry reporter for Forbes

John McElroy, Autoline Daily host

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton talks to metro Detroiters about Trump's pro Big 3 stance.