Tuesday News Hit: Human skull found in Trenton home fire pit, brawl at CJ Barrymore's, and the coming heatwave

The new homeowner of property in Trenton made a curious and disturbing discovery in a fire pit located near the house on Monday - a human skull. It's unclear who the human remains belong to, but there is a lot to know about the home's previous owner. Mark Eberly, who previously lived on Wilson Street before moving down to Tennessee sometime during the COVID-19 pandemic, died in a shootout with a Cumberland County sheriff deputy 10 days ago. 

A police report citing the shooting incident states that Eberly had been arrested for driving on a revoked license and resisting arrest on June 19. After listing himself as homeless, he would have another run-in with police when a sheriff deputy responded to reports of a suspicious person driving erratic. After the officer pulled Eberly over, the news report says he opened the door and immediately shot at the officer, striking him in the upper right side. 

The officer returned fire and Eberly drove away from the scene for a short distance before coming to a stop. As the injured officer, who was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time, was transported to a hospital, SWAT teams and crisis negotiators were deployed. After making several attempts to make contact with Eberly by having him tap his brakes, officers fired tear gas into the vehicle. A short while later, Eberly was found to be dead. 

As for the scene in Michigan, investigators are trying to get in touch with a possible girlfriend of Eberly's. It's unclear if she is missing or worse. Former neighbors of Eberly on the 5500 Block of Wilson say the man had evening fires in his fire pit before he moved away.

Teens brawl at CJ Barrymore's in Clinton Twp.

A Metro Detroit amusement park had only been opened for a little more than a week before a brawl between teens turned into chaos and a call from the police to break things up. Management with the park says the fighting was the result of a lack of supervision from chaperones that are supposed to stick with the kids when attending the park. David Dalpizzol, general manager of CJ Barrymore's said those who should be watching the kids don't always stick around.

"They (chaperones) were getting them in the door and then sneaking out," he said. "Which leaves a bunch of teens unattended."

Kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. With a lack of enforcement, that meant the situation was ripe for a fight. 

"That was clear evidence that - that was the problem that happened and we needed to correct it," Dalpizzol said. "That's why we put in all these extra layers of security to make sure chaperones are staying with the kids."

Only the outdoor attractions at CJ Barrymore's are opened, due to the pandemic. Face masks and social distancing are mandatory inside the park, but those rules aren't always followed, as is evident by the video taken on Sunday when the fights broke out. Dalpizzol said the park had hired an outside security company to mitigate these kinds of scenarios.

After meeting Monday, the park's new policy is if people in groups of three or more under the age of 18 aren't with an adult, then park staff escorts the teens out of the park until they can find an adult.

Rising young star in Detroit the apparent victim of a murder-suicide

"I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of DeAndree Watson."

That's how a Facebook post from Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan started on a solemn Monday morning for the staff of the city. A young rising star who had worked under Councilman James Tate on marijuana ordinances in Detroit was found dead in his car Sunday morning in Westland. After discovering him in his car, police visited a nearby apartment where an individual Watson was associated with lived. There, they found another man with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

The startling news came as a shock to many in the community that foresaw Watson doing great things as he grew up. Councilman Tate said the Cass Tech and University of Michigan graduate "was well on his way to further shape our world and I'm truly heartbroken that we won't get to witness more of his journey."

A journey that Watson believed could take him wherever he wanted to go.

"When I first met him, he said he wanted to be the President of the United States," said Ngubu Tsare, a longtime friend of Watson and Vice Director of New Leaders Council of Detroit. 

Watson had served both as a fellow and president of the group in previous years. 

"Our entire goal as an organization is to create a pipeline of progressive leadership in this country and in all sectors of life," Tsare said, before remarking also on how nice he was. 

Daily Forecast

It's another hot one in Southeast Michigan on Tuesday - so hot that a heat advisory has been posted with a forecasted excessive heat watch going into effect on Wednesday. After temperatures climbed into the 90s last week, there's been little relief for residents of the tri-county area. Expect more of the same for the rest of the week. The area plans on opening cooling shelters for those trying to escape the heat as well.

US could ban TikTok, Sec. Mike Pompeo says

The United States is looking at the possibility of banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about it in an interview with FOX News.

"It's something we're looking at," said Pompeo.

It is the latest controversy involving China which includes increasing U.S.-China tensions over trade, the coronavirus outbreak and recently, China's actions in Hong Kong.

TikTok said Tuesday it will stop operations in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies following a sweeping national security law that took effect last week.