Two bomb threats in two days at Roseville Middle School

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Another day, another threat against a middle school in Roseville - but police may be closing in on the person responsible.

"I was really scared and I was scared to come to school," said student Briana Domangue.

Scared students at Roseville middle school were picked up Wednesday morning as parents lose their patience...

"They were evacuated twice and now again today, it's just ridiculous," said parent Marietta Cloud.

Roseville middle school students were first evacuated Tuesday morning after a cryptic phone call. The first caller threatened that the school would explode.

On Wednesday there was another threat; Roseville police say the suspect told the secretary who answered this time that they were serious.

"You can't take these things lightly," parent Terrie Edgecomb said. "I'm glad police are on it."

After the students were evacuated and the building cleared, classes are resuming Wednesday. The calls are believed to be pranks but most parents are0 not taking any chances and taking their kids home.

Roseville police say they believe a disgruntled parent may be behind both threats. They say the secretary who answered both calls described the voice as an older woman and not a child. Police also say the school had an incident with a parent a few days ago.

As Roseville police continue to investigate, the district's superintendent was not available for comment Wednesday.

Parents say they've been notified the school will be swept again Thursday and children's bags searched, leaving some parents and students with a sense of relief. Police remind everyone that bomb threats are no joke and that a terroristic threat will get you 10 years in prison.