Two found shot dead on Detroit's west side Thursday afternoon

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A man and a woman were found dead in a house on Detroit's west side Thursday afternoon. 

Police responded to reports of two people fatally shot multiple times at a home on the 15000 block of Sorrento Street in the area of Myers and Puritan. 

"Witnesses who heard the shots thought they came from the other end of the block," said Capt. Jonathan Parnell of Detroit Police Department. "This afternoon where police come out with two persons inside. A friend of someone responded to this location and found the two bodies inside and alerted 911."

Witnesses heard the shots a little after midnight Thursday morning. While police haven't released much information, they said the woman was 42 and the man was 45. There appears to be no forced entry and there were no weapons found. 

Family gathered at the scene did however identify the man as Tyrese Denwiddie, of Detroit.

"He was just a nice guy. You could get to talking to him. Just a neighborly type guy. Cared about the neighborhood," said Irvin Howard, a neighbor of the victim.

Detroit police did say there are multiple cars involved, including one with a license plate from Texas.

"The vehicles we are looking at, we're going to impound the vehicles for further investigation," said Parnell.

While police are unsure of a motive, they ask you contact them with any information if you have it.