Two gunshots pierce window of Southfield preschool, fired from nearby parking lot

Kids and staff sheltered in place after two bullets went through the window of a childcare center and into the building one of them hitting the wall inside a classroom.

The shooting happened outside ChildTime of Southfield near Greenfield and the Lodge. No one inside was hurt.  

"You've got to ask if someone is that bold to fire their weapon in broad daylight, what are they capable of doing, and what have they done," said Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren.  

It started Monday morning as a custody exchange took place in a nearby parking lot at the Sapphire Apartments. 

The mother and her ex-boyfriend exchanged words with the child’s father - then it got violent. Police say the child’s father damaged his ex's car.  

"He then got in his own vehicle and fled the location," Barren said. "And the boyfriend and mom got in their vehicle and followed behind." 

That’s when the child’s father, the suspect, shot five or six times at their car from his vehicle. Two of those bullets traveled through a window – one hitting a classroom wall inside.   

"When individuals come into our city, they know all resources will be allocated to bring justice and it will happen very quickly," Barren said.  

The police chief says they are actively tracking the suspect.   

"This is reckless behavior who let emotion take shape and use a gun in this situation," he said. 

ChildTime representatives want to be clear -  this did not have anything…to do with the daycare, and that safety is a priority.