Two men rob three restaurants in one hour, get $300

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In less than an hour, police in two cities say a crew of two hit three cities; terrorizing witnesses and stealing cash along the way, all for $300.

The video is terrifying as the men barge into the businesses and demand the cash. It started at the Subway at 11 Mile and Dequindre and continued into Warren, that's where Police Commissioner Jere Green picked up the case.

"Well we had a crime spree, basically," Green said. "Two white guys, one with a mask, come into the Subway at 11 and Dequindre, and hold the place up"

One guy walks on counter while the other guy takes out a gun and orders customers to give him their money. The customers throw their money on the ground, the gunman grabs it. And the two run off while pointing the gun at customers.

That was just the first place. The crime spree continues at 10 Mile and Mound at Domino's. It was only 14 minutes later when they ambushed a delivery driver in the parking lot.

"He doesn't have any (money), so you can clearly see them escorting him into the store and you can see the gals in the back, making the pizzas, with their hands up," Green said.

As the workers fear for their lives, the two rob the cash register of about $100 to $200, and make off.  But that's only the second place.

The crime spree ended at 9 1/2 mile and John R at Starting Gate Sports Bar.

"This is all within 30 or 40 minutes of each other. They go into a bar in Hazel Park and rob patrons in the bar"

One of them holds everyone at gunpoint, while the other jumps over the bar counter, takes money from the cash register, jumps over and starts to take money from the patrons.  And then it gets ugly.

"There was a struggle. The individual who was holding everybody at gunpoint came over, discharged his weapon and shot the patron," Hazel Park Police Chief Martin Barner said.

The 41-year old man from Hazel Park is recovering from non-life-threatening gunshots, however the two criminals are still on the loose. 

All told, the two men got $300 in the three robberies. That could end up being a life in prison for both of them.