Two officers charged with assault, misconduct released after bond lowered

Two Detroit police officers charged this week with assault and misconduct are now out free after a judge lowered their bond Thursday. 

Officers Richard Billingslea and Lonnie Wade were both given a $50,000 bond with the condition of a tether if they could make bone. An instant appeal was given by their legal team, and it was granted by a different judge. 

The officers were issued personal bonds, which means they don't pay anything up front -- but if they don't show up to court they're on the hook for $10,000 a piece. 

"Now they're walking out on a personal bond with no tether? I find appalling," says attorney Solomon Radner. He's representing two of the alleged assault victims. 

Billingslea, 25, is accused of attacking Michaele Jackson at a Mobil gas station. Billingslea has been charged with assault less than murder, misconduct and obstruction of justice.

Authorities say Billingslea is seen on video pepper spraying Jackson and then body slamming him to the ground where he repeatedly kicked and punched the young man, who prosecutors say was drunk and not a threat.

Radner can't believe his bond was lowered. 

"Why are they getting such preferential treatment?" he wants to know. "This is absurd. This is unheard of."

The other officer out free Thursday night is Wade, whom has been charged for assaulting David Bivins. 

Wade, who was working as a Meijer security guard at the time, is seen on cell phone video cracking Bivins over the head with a baton. Wade suspected Bivins of stealing, which he did not do.

FOX 2 talked with Mark Diaz, President of the Detroit Police Officer's Association, who helped with the appeal that got their bonds lowered. Diaz applauds the change in bond, saying the $50,000 original bonds were unfair. 

He's now hoping the two officers are "afforded the same level of treatment of all American citizens."

Meanwhile, a $1 million bond set for Mark Bessner caught the courtroom off guard.

The Michigan state trooper is charged with 2nd degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the death of 15-year-old Damon Grimes.

The 8th grader was killed when he ran his ATV into a truck.

Bessner shot the 15-year-old with a taser as he tried to flee on an ATV, causing the teen to lose control and crash. 

Bessner was suspended and eventually resigned from MSP.