Two women targeted in Redford home invasions

A neighborhood in Redford Township is on alert after two home invasions both targeting women.

The two robberies happened within a week of each other at homes less than a half mile apart, with one victim getting pepper sprayed.

In the 20 years John Nesbitt has lived on Indian Street, he's never heard of anything like this.

"It's a good neighborhood, I've never heard that happen before," he said. "Now you just got to be aware and lock your doors. Quiet neighborhood, but now you've got to be aware."

He was home and worried when his female neighbor was confronted and robbed just before 6 a.m. August 30.

"They took her purse, took her cell phone," Nesbitt said.

Police believe that robbery is connected to a second home invasion of another woman Sunday on Denby Street, also around 6 a.m.

The victim of that attack spoke anonymously to FOX 2.

"(He) came in through my kitchen window," said the victim. "He ended up getting my purse. He woke me up by trying to invade my privacy. And as soon as I said what are you doing, he pepper sprayed me."

A canine track was conducted leading police to believe the suspect had a vehicle parked nearby for an easy getaway.

"I have grandchildren who live here," the victim said. "I'm just scared."

The only description of the culprit at this time is a black male with a red shirt.

If you have any information on either of these robberies you’re asked to call (313) 387-2574.

Redford police are also asking anyone living nearby with surveillance cameras to give them a call.