U-M student changes personal pronoun to 'His majesty' to protest new policy

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University of Michigan students can now choose their own identity - but it's already causing controversy.

The university announced a new campus-wide policy this week that allows students to select their own "designated personal pronoun."

It's part of a move -- to foster an environment of inclusiveness -- for transgender students. Students can log on to the "Wolverine Access" website and hit the gender identity tab.
They can choose a pre-selected pronoun -- or enter their own.

One student, Grant Stobl, chose to be called "Your Majesty" and says, there are flaws in the policy.

Stobl spoke to FOX 2 about the policy – and his curious choice which he says he is making a point with.

Stobl says, he will get rid of his title once the policy is removed.

For now, the pronouns will appear on class rosters this fall -- and professors will address students by their personally designated pronoun.