UAW strike loss grows to more than $9.3 billion, analysis shows

The financial impact of the UAW strike continues to grow, now exceeding more than $9.3 billion in losses, according to Anderson Economic Group (AEG).

The East Lansing-based firm includes losses through Thursday. This number includes lost wages to striking and laid off workers, lost earnings for the Big Three, supplier losses, and dealer and customer losses.

It doesn't include strike targets added after Friday or more layoffs announced on or after Friday. Ford announced the layoffs of 364 more employees on Friday, while the UAW targeted the Stellantis Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, both actions not reflected in these losses.

Loss estimates:

  • Wages of OEM (Ford, GM, Stellantis) Workers - $488 million
  • OEM Losses - $4.18 billion
  • Supplier Wages and Earnings - $2.78 billion
  • Dealers, Customers, Other Industry Losses - $1.86 billion

"The cost of this strike is now double that of the 2019 UAW strike against General Motors, with significant layoffs among supplier firms. Lost wages of striking workers and those laid off because of the strike are nearing a half billion dollars," said Patrick Anderson, with AEG. 

Anderson said the cost of the strike carries the risk of forcing automakers to postpone or cancel investments.

"We’ve now seen GM, Ford, and Stellantis announce such actions. Many more are likely if the strike continues," he said.

The strike, which began Sept. 15, continues to impact workers who have walked off the job and those laid off.

On Friday, Ford announced more layoffs, calling it a "knock-on effect" of the strike. Since the strike started, the automaker has laid off 3,100 employees. 

Stellantis and GM have also laid off thousands of employees

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