Underground explosion leads to power outage in Harper Woods

More than one thousand people are without power in southwest Harper Woods right now. DTE tells us the power outage is in a square from Kelly Road to Beaconsfield Street, from Moross Road to Woodcrest Street.

Harper Woods Department of Public Safety Director James Burke tells us an underground utility explosion blew off a manhole cover and knocked out the power in the area.

Many neighbors woke up to the sound of the explosion Friday morning. A man living in the area called 911 around 9 a.m. when he heard multiple loud blasts.

"I took the dog out for the walk and it sounded like a dumpster was unloaded, and the dog got terrified and drug me back into the house," says Dan Busek. "I put him in and I walked up to the corner to see if somebody was making a move out, and there was a second explosion and the sewer blew up."

"I got up to make coffee and noticed we didn't have any power in the kitchen. I came in the front of my house and I had like a brown-out flickering," says Sandy Beaubien.

MichCon and DTE crews have been called to the area and are working to restore power quickly. The all-clear has been given at the scene of the explosion.

No injuries have been reported.