Unique Detroit home comes with custom built Lincoln, Cadillac

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A Detroit real estate listing has been setting the internet on fire lately with over-the-top decor, custom cars, and a half a million dollar price tag. Now, we got a tour of this one-of-a-kind listing.

The 2 bedroom, 2 full bath, 2 1/2 bath home sits in Grixdale Farms near Woodward and 7 Mile and is, well, unique. That's one way to put it.

It was built in 1950 by a lawyer for his fifth wife and has three bedrooms, two full baths, plus two half baths - and every single room is different.

Some say the white room - with white floors, ceilings, furniture, and piano - among others, is tacky. 

"Well it's a matter of taste, they used to call Elvis tacky," owner Ronnie Nassar said.

Good news - there's an Elvis room in the basement too.

"There's art in this house. It brings joy to be surrounded by things that bring happiness," Nassar said.

The price tag is $550,000 - but that's for everything: the heated pool, outdoor shower and cabana, custom two-car garage, mint condition Frigidaire appliance from the 1950s, and a custom pool table.

"You might think that's a little high but it comes with everything in the house, two one of a kind, mint condition vehicles," agent Alex Lauer said.

He's talking about the 1974 Lincoln Mark IV coupe with only 62 miles and a custom-built 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood.

"A beverage service that features hot and cold running water and a variety of different beverages. It's got a remote starter that nobody had back in those days, heated seats, three separate stereo systems," Nassar said.

The home is listed at $550,000 but the Cadillac alone is worth $220,000.

Ronnie says he doesn't want to sell the home but has a health condition that he has to plan for - so he has to sell. 

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