Update: Todd Courser resigns from Michigan House of Representatives.

A special House committee has voted to recommend expulsion for two lawmakers who admitted to misconduct in covering up their extramarital affair.

The resolutions now head to the full House for a vote, and Courser will be expelled if 73 percent of the votes are in favor.

The house has reconvened and started the vote at 4:35 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Thirty minutes after the vote started, 67 House members approved the resolution to expel both Republicans.

The vote was largely along party lines with Republicans voting in favor of expulsion and Democrats against it.  28 Democrats abstained and said they did not believe Courser or Gamrat received due process during the investigation.

Tea party Republicans Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat had apologized and asked the wary panel for a censure letting them keep their jobs in a restricted role.

Courser sent a phony email claiming he was caught with a male prostitute. It was an effort to make the affair less believable if it were exposed by an anonymous blackmailer demanding his resignation.

Gamrat says she discussed the plot with Courser but didn't know the email's content before it was sent.

"Neither rep has convinced me, in my mind, that they would be able to regain the public trust - nor the trust of the members in the house - and I don't believe they can continue to function without having the public trust," Rep. Ed McBroom, head of the special committee, said during Thursday morning's hearing. He recommended expulsion for both, as did multiple other representatives. 

Just three legislators have been expelled in Michigan history. If the House does not vote in favor of their expulsions, the two could still be censured. 

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates. This story contains information from the Associated Press.