Upset with lack of safety precautions at Detroit restaurants and bars, Duggan puts them on notice

"The numbers as you can see, continue to go down, four deaths in the last week," said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

As the race to beat COVID-19 continues, Detroit's Mayor does not want the city's success to be wiped away.

"We have done way too much work, to knock down the Covid infection rate in Detroit to have us get out of hand because of few business establishments," he said.

Mayor Mike Duggan upset by activity witnessed at some Detroit restaurants and bars last weekend.

So over the next few days those businesses which the mayor won't call by name, will be paid a visit 

"Denise Fair and Health Department team along with Detroit Police will be visiting a number of the bars and restaurants that we saw concerns with last weekend, to put them on notice," he said.
The Governor's Guidelines for reopening that were violated last weekend, included ignoring capacity limits and staff members not wearing their personal protection equipment.
"Your staff have to be wearing masks," Duggan said.
The mayor is hoping to avoid a situation like the one in East Lansing where a COVID-19 outbreak at this restaurant has infected at least 34 people.

Duggan is ready to take his fight to court if he does not see these Detroit restaurants and bars in compliance.
"If you are not able to enforce capacity the requirements," Duggan said. "We will be going to court Monday morning asking for a court order for you to shut down."