Vasectomies increase 10 percent during March Madness

Basketball nets aren't the only thing getting cut during this year's NCAA basketball tournament.

March Madness is the most popular time of the year for men to get a vasectomy. Surprised? So are the urologists that perform the procedure.

"That's something I actually learned recently," said Dr. Barrett Anderson, "but it is a service that we do of course offer here."

The Cleveland Clinic estimates there is a 10 percent spike in procedures being performed this time of year. Offered at the Detroit Medical Center, physicians at the DMC offer both traditional and modern methods that are safe and effective. Even so, there is a recovery period for men that go through the operation.

And that means, low activity.

"It's nice because it's a great time to sit at home and relax and recover from the procedure," said Anderson.

A typical recovery time is between 24 and 48 hours. Officials say you could stretch that period to a week, but it's usually not necessary. 

The NCAA tournament for both men and women's basketball teams kicks off this week