Vice President Mike Pence delivers campaign-style speech to Detroit Economic Club

Vice President Mike Pence made a stop in the Motor City on Monday, delivering a campaign style speech to the Detroit Economic Club. The VP credited Pres. Donald Trump for the nation's "booming economy," and took aim at the administration's Democratic opponents.

Fox 2 was there when Pence toured HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson's family home in southwest Detroit on Monday afternoon.

By their side was senatorial candidate John James, who mounted an  unsuccessful challenge against Democrat Debbie Stabenow, likely using the VP's visit to try and get a bounce in an attempt to unseat Sen. Gary Peters. 

"I leave here today with confidence. Confidence that we will continue to strengthen the greatest economy in the history of the world with the timeless principles that have always made American strong and prosperous," he said.

Besides some screen time with political allies, for the administration's benefit and theirs, Pence was in town to address the Detroit Economic Club at MotorCity Casino. Pence tried to paint the administration's economic policies as sound and positive for growth, drawing a stark contrast with the Democrats, who took the debate stage in Detroit just weeks ago.

"If any one of the Democrats on that debate stage wins the presidency the gains of last 2 1/2 years would be wiped out," he said.

The VP, as expected, talked tough on the president's trade war with China.

"The time has come for China to come to the table, open their markets and live by the rules of international commerce like every other industrialized nation does," he said.

Trump is also trying to paint reports that the economy could be heading for a downturn as a work of fiction despite signals from the market and experts, warning a recession could be looming.

"Our economy is very strong despite the horrendous lack of vision by Jay Powell and the fed, but the Democrats are trying to 'will' the economy to be bad for purposes of the 2020 election. Very selfish," he tweeted.

The former Indiana governor will speak Aug. 28 during the American Legion's national convention in Indianapolis. He also addressed the military veterans group last year during its convention in Minneapolis.

Pence's office says he travel Sept. 3-6 to Europe, with stops planned in Iceland, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The trip comes as new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to negotiate a new deal for leaving the European Union at the end of October.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.