Vicious Hazel Park grade school beating posted online

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A sickening attack on a junior high student posted online is raising eyebrows.

In addition to the brutal beating the video also shows that no one tried to help.

The fight happened at the Hazel Park junior high school 40 minutes after classes ended Wednesday.

The video is really tough to watch and making the round on social media as well as among parents in the community.

There were some rumors the boy who got the worst of it in the fight has autism but the superintendent said that's not the case.

The one-sided fight is between a sixth grader and an eighth grader in front of some members of the football team who are waiting for their coaches to go to a game.

None of them intervened.

It took one boy getting knocked down, seemingly knocked out for someone to help him up off the ground after the fight ended. The superintendent did not know if this was a result of some sort of bullying but said that everyone involved in those who refused to get involved were disciplined.

"We don't tolerate fighting," said the school principal. "Appropriate discipline it’s given and we don't approve of people standing by as well, so there will be, there was some discipline placed in there. It's appropriate that our kids learn that we need to stand up for each other.

"Our parents have all been contacted and are satisfied with the solution."

The police department is investigating what happened and the say that the parents of both students in that fight are cooperating with the investigation.