Victim shot over fried mushrooms: 'He said he was going to kill me'

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It was such a senseless crime - a man shot in the face over mushrooms inside a Detroit coney island.

The crime was on camera - and on Thursday that video was played for judge. 

Two 61-year-old twin brothers, Dwight and Duane Samuels, are now charged with assault with intent to murder and a host of other crimes - all because of fried mushrooms - or a lack thereof at Nicky D's Coney Island back in June.

"The only thing I heard him say was fried mushrooms - that was it," said the victim.

The 40-year-old victim took the stand and testified he's a regular customer. 

It happened at 2 a.m. on June 19th. hat's him sitting at the counter. Surveillance video showed a man walking in - identified as Duane Samuels

"He just asked for some fried mushrooms," said the victim.

But, the victim said that item's not even on the menu.

"No they do not - they've never sold fried mushrooms," he said.

Surveillance video shows the suspect talking to his female companion. They leave, then come back a short time later - this time Duane's twin brother Dwight is with him.

"He just told him to watch that (expletive)," he said.
Prosecutor: "And when he said that do you know who he was referring to?"

"He was referring to me," the victim said. "It was about to get crazy in there."

The victim says he tried to leave but it did get crazy. On video you can see one suspect hit another man with a metal pipe.

The victim ran toward the bathroom - his hands in the air...

Prosecutor: "Why did you put your hands up?"

"Because I saw the gun," he said. "I was holding my hands up - hoping that he doesn’t shoot."

You can see the gunman grab the victim - the other suspect runs up and beats him with a metal pipe. The victim is wrestled to the floor

Prosecutor: "Is the defendant saying anything at this point?"


Prosecutor: "What's he saying?"

"He's saying he's going to kill me," the victim said.

You can see the woman from earlier run in.

"He yelled to her - tell my brother - bring me my gun," the victim said.

And that's exactly what happened - you can see the gun being pointed at the victim.

"At this time I thought I was going to die," he said.

The suspect fires - shooting the victim in the face. Then the men are seen kicking him...

"That's when they shot me and then they got to stomping me," he said.

The victim testified the bullet went through his cheeks - knocking out his teeth and hitting his arm. You can see the suspects leave - the victim on the ground in pain.

The victim couldn't say which of the twin brothers did the shooting and which did the beating - just that they smelled of alcohol.

It was later learned it was their birthday. Both remain jailed and have been bound over for trial.