Victim tells chilling account of abduction, attack by van rape suspects

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They are accused of terrorizing women in three cities. Two men suspected in multiple kidnappings and rapes appeared in a Detroit court Wednesday.

The young woman testified against 22-year-old Aaron Stewart and 19-year-old Quentin Flemons during their preliminary exam Wednesday. Both men are charged for raping and kidnapping women in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.

In court a 24-year-old woman described the moment she knew something wasn't right while riding her bike in Detroit Sept. 30 to visit a friend near Hamtramck.

"What did you notice?

"The two men there watching me as they went by," she said. "A car pulled up right against my bike. A white van. They both just grabbed me, kicking and screaming."

The young woman called her friend, but says the two men forced her into the back of a van, while still on the phone inside, just a mattress. Both men held her down, then raping her.

"The taller guy said why do you get to go first," she said. "The shorter guy said you went first last time. The taller guy acknowledged that and said he was right."

The woman was face down on the mattress was also forced to perform oral sex, says Stewart and Flemons then demanded money dumping her backpack and taking cash.

"(I felt) my life was being threatened, that I was going to die at some point," she said.

A sexual assault expert also testified, describing the woman's wounds after being held down almost the entire time.

"'He was holding me down with his arms, there was some strangulation that occurred,'" the expert said, reading her report.

And there was even more trauma from the sexual assaults.

"These injuries that occurred are the worst I've seen in my career," she said.

After they stole $1,600 the victim says Stewart and Flemons finally stopped the van, and told her to get out. They left her with only $5 on the side of the road. The two men both face life in prison.

The preliminary exams continue Thursday.