Victim was disoriented when he fell, got killed on People Mover tracks; transport reopens

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WEB UPDATE (10 p.m.) The People Mover was reopened at about 7 p.m. 

A gruesome scene Sunday night as one man is killed by the people mover in Detroit.

Police say he stumbled and fell in between two cars and was unable to break free, and then dragged by the train as it pulled away from the station.

"We had someone that was very distraught, possibly intoxicated, (it was a) very bad situation that took place on platform," said Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit police.

DPD are investigating what lead to the tragic final moments of Michael Travis Whyte of Detroit.

Investigators say Whyte fell onto the tracks of the People Mover Sunday evening as he tried to board the train at the Times Square Station.

"It appeared that he was somewhat disoriented, at which time he moved towards the car to get inside of it and at some point fell between the two cars," Woody said. "At some point the cars did move and he succumbed to his wounds."

As the investigation continues police say they are waiting on toxicology reports to learn more about Whyte and what may have caused this tragedy.

"The current status is under investigation, we have to wait for toxicology reports to tell if he was intoxicated or if there were any narcotics in the system," Woody said. "That's not to say he was under the influence or anything at this point."

Officials with Detroit people mover say this is the first time anything like this is happened and they're currently reviewing their procedures to see if anything needs to be modified

But as the investigation continues the People Mover has come to a halt.

Ericka Alexander from the Detroit Transportation Corp. said in a statement: "At this time, we do not have a time established to reopen the system.  Crews are currently working to inspect the system and vehicles to ensure safety prior to reopening.  One train incurred minor damage as a result, and it is being repaired." 

"The take-away from all of us is that we all need to be more aware of what's going on around us," Woody said. "We want people to come downtown and enjoy themselves but they have to be responsible."