Victims say 25 year sentence too light for cancer doctor

The question of how much time Dr. Farid Fata will spend behind bars is yet to be settled but if the family of victims have their way, he won't have a chance to be a free man again.

The victims shared their pain in federal court Tuesday in hopes that their stories will lead to a stiff sentence for the doctor who poisoned and killed his patients, with cancer treatments they didn't need. Fata is  hoping for a 25-year-sentence but family members

"He's not sorry. He's just sorry he got caught doing that."

Dr. Fata was called a monster, despicable, and an evil person who poisoned, tortured and murdered his victims.  Robert Sobieray was one of the victims who said he never had cancer. The doctor told him he had multiple myeloma and he treated him for 2 1/2 years. The results of that needless treatment are devastating.

"You name it I have it. I lost all my teeth, I have one now but I have to have that one pulled out," Sobieray said.

Lisa Bogus' father was one of the ones who died while in Fata's care.

"He was 15 months cancer free and Fata continued to treat him for 15 months with chemotherapy, hydration injections, and he died on the bathroom floor at home," Bogus said.

Dr. Farid Fata sat in a Federal courtroom, expressionless, no emotion, as 22 patients, and family members tried to convince Judge Paul Borman that a life sentence is justified.  

Also in court, Angel Swantek, the oncology nurse who called the state about Fata's practice

"Instead of infusing in 20 minutes, you do it in an hour and you're no longer making not only money from the infusion but all that time sitting in the chair so it was always like he was double dipping," 

Today was mostly about emotion but there's another aspect of the sentencing - restitution. Assuming the judge finds that Dr. Fata did, in fact, defraud medicare and other insurance companies, he could be hit and made to pay millions of dollars.

The sentencing continues this week. In Detroit Charlie Langton Fox 2 news.