VIDEO: Maskless Uber passenger coughs on driver then attacks him

A shocking confrontation that unfolded inside an Uber in San Francisco made its rounds on social media. 

Dashcam video shows a woman coughing on the driver and assualting him. 

"You know? F- the mask," she can be heard saying while seated directly behind the driver. "I got corona," she claims, referring to the coronavirus.

Moments later, the woman snatches the driver's cell phone.

The driver grabbed his phone back and yelled at the woman, "Don't touch my property!"

The woman then snatches his mask and throws it in the front seat.

It happened on Sunday afternoon as the driver, Subhakar Khadka, got into an argument with the women because one of them wasn't wearing a mask.

Police said he pulled over at a gas station a couple blocks away at San Bruno and Silver avenues.

The woman who grabbed the driver's mask and coughed on him recorded the incident as well and posted several videos on Instagram.

On her video that, one of the women says sarcastically, "OK, I'm going to make sure I record everything you say and I'm going to give you a great review. You should have said that before we got in the car."

The driver told them, "You are free to get out."

The women accused the driver of abandoning them.

"You need to take us to our destination. We don't know where we're at," one woman says.

As they got out, police said one of the women pepper-sprayed the driver.

In another post on Instagram, the woman who had coughed on the driver said, "All I did was smack, take his mask off and cough a little bit, but I ain't even have corona."

But she then acknowledged, "OK yeah I ain't gonna lie, that was disrespectful as F-. I'm dead a- wrong for that."

Uber said it has a strict "No Mask. No Ride" policy for the safety of drivers and riders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also said it does not tolerate violence or inappropriate comments. 

Lyft also took action and barred the woman from its service.

The San Francisco police robbery detail is investigating.