VIDEO: Michigan toddler can't stop dancing when she hears for the first time

A toddler from Saline, Michigan, was able to hear for the first time last month and could not help but dance to the music.

When Emma Chadwell was born, she failed her screening test. Two months later, her family learned she had mild/moderate hearing loss. But a CT scan soon revealed she would likely become profoundly deaf.

Her father and maternal grandfather wear hearing aids and had to take speech therapy as children, according to her mom, Kimberly. 

The Chadwells wanted to give Emma the best chance to develop speech and language skills and knew hearing aids would help provide that support, so they opted for cochlear implants. That was done in January.

On Tuesday, January 28, 16-month-old Emma could hear for the first time after her implants were activated as she played with toys. When she heard the music from the toys, she immediately started dancing.

The Chadwells are hopeful this will open many doors for Emma and allow her to do any activity or pursue any career she'd like to in the future, and are excited to see her progress in her speech and language skills.