Video shows Detroit bus driver texting and driving with passengers

A Detroit man said he captured a DDOT bus driver texting and driving instead of focusing on the road, all with passengers onboard.

Damon Ross said he caught the bus at Scheafer and Fort Street on Wednesday and was going to get off at Plymouth and Schaefer so he could get to work. Typically, it takes him 20 minutes to get there but it took him 45 minutes. 

The reason, he says, was the bus driver was texting and driving the entire way. WATCH it happen in the video above.

"The whole time he was just not paying attention to light signals, driving erratically and I felt it's not right, him jeopardizing my life but everybody else's life as well," Ross said. 

He said he called to complain and was told DDOT would contact him within 10 business days.

"I was so pissed off and mad because I already knew I was going to be late not even 30 seconds being on the bus because the light was green and he's not moving," he said.

Ross says he wound up being two hours late for his job at the Ford plant in Livonia. He said he started recording video of him texting and driving at the end of his trip and the only reason he did it was to show proof to his boss for the reason why he was late.

"I was thankful that I had the video to show my supervisor so I won't be penalized for it or anything," Ross said.

DDOT director Angelica Jones says they're looking what happened and the driver will be disciplined.

"That's not how our drivers are trained. They are specifically trained to have safety first on the road," she said. " We're going to do our due diligence to make sure this doesn't happen again and we're apologizing to our customers and to ensure that our customers are feeling safe on DDOT."