Video shows Macomb County bodybuilder's violent attack of girlfriend

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Producer Note: Video used in this report uses disturbing, violent images of abuse. Viewer discretion is advised. 

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, there is help. Call the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224 or if you believe you are in danger use a safe computer or call 911. For resources in Michigan CLICK HERE.

A man from Washington Township is locked up on $5 million bond, accused of assault with intent to murder of his girlfriend. Paul Bashi, 35, was arrested in August and accused of trying kill his girlfriend. 

The attack was caught on camera and FOX 2 obtained the video through a Freedom of Information request.

Bodybuilder held on $5M bond for attempted murder, found with human growth hormone

The video shows Bashi alone in his rental home in Washington Township. Whether he knows it or not, cameras inside his house recorded his every move. 

"He, is in fact, looking through her phone," said Pam Mclean, a Macomb County prosecutor investigator. "You will see where he is looking at her phone and then Christina comes through the front door."

The woman is then attacked viciously.

"He comes back multiple times with multiple knives," Mclean said. The attack is much too graphic at times to show."

"He's got the knife in his hand there," Mclean said. "He's stabbing her multiple times."

For 40 minutes, the video shows Bashi punching, kicking, throwing lit candles at her repeatedly, and worse. 

"Stabbing her multiple times," Mclean added.

The video shows him leave the room at times, washing the knives, and then returning to attack again.

"He's opening another drawer, grabbing another knife," Mclean said.

Little if any words are exchanged. Just rage. 

"She's just lying there," Mclean said. "Not fighting back or moving at all."

Christina survives, but barely, after being in a coma for days. Bashi was arrested after neighbors found her on the porch and called police. He was charged with assault with intent to murder. 

"This video, as awful as it is, thank God we have it," said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.

It's evidence that is hard to argue, or at least you would think. During his arraignment an unlikely witness took the stand for his defense: Christina. 

"She told the judge she wanted the defendant out of jail, and told the judge that it was her fault this happened," Smith said.

After being beaten and stabbed and just inches from death, she wants the case thrown out. Smith says it happens in more than half of domestic violence cases that end up on his desk. 

"Our office handles about 2,500 domestic violence cases a year," he said. "Of those cases 60 percent of the victims either recant their story or don't show up to the court at all." He says whatever the reasons given, the law allows his office to move forward with charges. 

"The defendant puts pressure on the victim to dismiss the charges," Smith said. "We are the only ones that can dismiss the charges so we don't do it."

And Smith is willing to talk about this case because of how clearly it illustrates what can happen in these situations. 

"If you see someone going through this and you think someone is going through this, even though they say they are not - they are afraid to come forward," Smith said. "You have got to step in and help."

In addition to assault with intent to murder, law enforcement found a controlled steroid in his house. The prosecution thinks the defense will try and argue "roid rage." They say there is no defense for what was caught on camera.