Video shows man stabbing family's fenced-in dog

Surveillance video captures a man stabbing a family's fenced-in dog. 

"He had at least four cuts on the lips and two on his chin,” explains Veronica Castro, the dog's owner.

The video of the family dog being repeatedly stabbed is horrifying. 

"It's completely terrifying -- if he does this to an animal who's only trying to protect his home, what can he do to someone else?,” asks Castro, who awoke to find her dog, Chaz, in their yard hiding and bleeding profusely. She checked their home surveillance video to find a man, who was walking by their house, stop at the fence of her home when the dog begins barking and the man stops and repeatedly stabs the dog.

”He cut his lip completely open at one part and he cut him in the bottom of the neck," adds Castro. "Just walking the streets with a knife like that at 1:30 in the morning, only God knows what he could be capable of doing.”

The Castro family adopted Chaz from an animal rescue shelter in 2013. The family has filed a police report and submitted the video, which shows the Rottweiler being stabbed, over to investigators. Castro and her family want the man captured on video stabbing their dog, caught by law enforcement officers and thrown in jail.

”You can tell it's a Hispanic male about 5-9 to 6-2," says Castro. "He's not thin build but he's not heavy set. He's in a white shirt that appears to say “Hardy" on it. I want him caught. I want justice to be served.”
Chaz is expected to survive but he now has a chronic cough. The veterinarian tending to Chaz is trying to determine if that's due to damage to his trachea. The dog is also now very afraid and doesn't want anyone near him.