Vigil being held at Sunoco for four murdered on Monday

On Detroit's west side, the church where a Deacon once led isn't having Tuesday's service at the church, it's being held at the gas station where he was murdered. 

The community and congregation of Citadel of Praise Church is coming to grips with Monday morning's tragedy that ended with three members of their flock dead.

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Pastor Spencer Ellis is now the one leading the church and led a prayer service on Tuesday.

"Lord as a church family our hearts are heavy - but we give your name praise," Ellis prayed Tuesday afternoon. "We cry but we praise your name."

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Tuesday afternoon's service was inside the Citadel of Praise on the city's west side where Deacond Raphael Hall served the followers. Among those were his daughter, Cierra Bargainner and Kristin Thomas. All three were in the car at the Sunoco on Fenkell when George Davis shot and killed them all Monday.

"It's a tragic loss. Not only is it a deacon of our church but I don't want to overshadow the young ladies because they had a great future," Ellis said.

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Davis is the father of Cierra's two-month old son. After shooting her, her father, and Thomas who was in the back seat, he drove to a home on Faust and shot and killed his own cousin, Jamon Thomas. Then he fled and eventually carjacked a woman in Van Buren Township while running from police. He drove into Ohio and was eventually cornered by police where he shot himself in the head. He died later in the afternoon.

Relatives say Davis had recenlty had hallucinations and was paranoid to the point of questioning the paternity of his child. He also compiled a list of people to kill. 

Christ the King Father Victor Clore says that Davis' death is highlighting a bigger problem in America.

"We really don't care for people who are having problems yet we think everybody in the world deserves to carry a gun with them all the time and every blessed disappointment is settled with a gun," Clore said.

Father Clore was at Citadel of Praise to offer his condolences and support as the faith community comes together to mourn and send a message at Tuesday night's vigil.

"Take it to the community to let the community know - and let Detroit know that we're going to rise above this," Ellis said.

Pastor Ellis says people need to get involved and take action when people are in need.

"The Bible says 'Am I my brother's keeper?' Yes we are. So at the end of the day, we need to be in each other's business - we need to talk to each other," Ellis said.

The prayer vigil for the victims will begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Sunoco gas station at 22700 Fenkell, between Lahser and Telegraph. The church says they'll sing, read scripture, pray and launch ballons. Everyone is welcome.