Vigil held for 3 young adults who died of suspected overdoses

Hundreds of people gathered at Borden Park in Rochester Sunday night to say good bye to three young people who died from overdosing on drugs at the Baymont Hotel in Auburn Hills earlier this week. 

17-year-old Sophia Harris and brothers 18-year-old Kyler Kiessling and 20-year-old Caleb Kiessling. 

"I'm getting all kinds of messages from people who are saying that they were such nice people and that they always made people feel welcomed," said Rebecca Kiessling, the victims' mother 

Friends and family are still trying to understand and make sense of the tragedy. Kyler and Caleb had been struggling with drug addiction. Their parents did everything they could, but in the end, it wasn't enough.

"They were so young too," said Caleb's friend Bella Solis. "He had promised me he would stop and when I found out, my heart just broke."

"When stuff like this happens, I think it scares a lot of kids to get straight," said Kyler's friend Kyle Trimboli. 

Sophia would have turned 18-year -old next month. Her friends remember her as the girl who always looked out for others. 

"She had a really like genuine heart," said Sophia's friend Kenzie Potter. "She always hyped people up and like made everyone smile that she was with. Even if she was sad that day, she always made everyone smile."