Vigil marks 1 year anniversary since Wayne State Sgt Collin Rose's murder

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A Wayne State University police sergeant was remembered Wednesday night exactly one year after he was killed in the line of duty.

Family and friends of Sgt. Collin Rose gathered to pay tribute to the fallen hero. His canine partner "Wolverine" was also there.

Wednesday night the day before Thanksgiving, the last radio call went out for Sgt. Collin Rose of the Wayne State University Police Department who one year ago was shot and killed while on patrol on the west side of the city.

"I just wanted to keep it simple for the officers and the community," said Capt. Patrick Saunders, Wayne State police. "That's why we are out here we want to remember Collin."

Chris Powell, a Wayne State police investigator spoke about how hard it was to return to the place in Woodbridge where Rose was killed.

"It's a tough thing coming back to where he was gunned down," he said. "It was a bad day. Colin was so looking forward to the Thanksgiving that year.

Powell knew Collin from when he started on the force.

"I helped him with his grammar on his letter of interest in the Canine program and supported him every step of the way," Powell said.

And now by sharing stories on Rose and his life, he can live on in the community he served.

"These stickers that on this street sign are on every patrol car," Powell said. "It says Collin's name and his end of watch."

Ray Durham, the suspect in Rose's death was arrested after allegedly shooting and wounding two Detroit police officers in April.  But Wednesday night it is about who Rose was, not what happened to him.

And it doesn't end here. On March 31st, just a few blocks from where Rose was shot and killed, there will be a dog park opening that will bear his name where people can go and honor him.